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Type: Q SW LASER, Manufacturing date: July 2017

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Demension320(W) x 830(D) x 1010(H) (mm)
(Include Arm H : 1620 mm)
Weight87.5 Kg
Weight including accessories96 Kg
Main voltage220/230V, 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumtion3000 VA
Main current12A
Safety classClass IV laser

Laser System

Lasert typeQ-Switched Nd:YAG
Wavelength1064nm / 532nm
Beam delivery systemVia 7-articulated arm
Aiming beam635nm, 5mW
Energy(@Head Aperture)Up to 2200mJ @ 1064nm PTP Q-Switched
Up to 600mJ @ 532nm PTP Q-Switched
Up to 1200mJ @ 1064nm Q-Switched
Up to 500mJ @ 532nm Q-Switched
Up to 3400mJ @ 1064nm Quasi-Long
Pulse width5~7ns @ 1064nm Q-Switched
5~7ns @ 532nm Q-Switched
~20ns @ 1064nm PTP Q-Switched
~20ns @ 532nm PTP Q-Switched
300㎲ @ 1064nm Quasi-Long
FrequencyUp to 25Hz @ 1064nm Q-Switched
Up to 15Hz @ 532nm Q-Switched
Up to 15Hz @ 1064nm PTP Q-Switched
Up to 15Hz @ 532nm PTP Q-Switched
Up to 25Hz @ 1064nm Quasi-Long
Laser coolingWater-to-air heat exchanger
Beam mode qualityTop Hat Mode